Hello World!

This is a blog about game design and other stuff happening in the creative space. I will try to share ideas and inspirations, let’s see how it turns out !

Lately I have started to work a little bit on HTML 5 and Java games, which very much made me realize how incredibly fun these little experiences can be. I found it to be much more fascinating to trying to think of and create these “small” gameplay mechanics and designs.

By “small” I mean “casual”. By “casual” I mean games everyone can pick up and play without real entry barriers. Games that deliver little content in terms of actually available stuff, but instead focus on interesting mechanics that are fun and unobtrusive.

So this blog will be part of my quest to find interesting new gameplay possibilities, and I will try to write up everything i find in my head and as “external” inspiration :D

I hope there will be some others who join me on this little journey, and if so – comments are always appreciated.

Which brings me to a request I will probably post after each entry: If you found some amazing indie game, with fresh and innovative gameplay/controls/mechanics, be sure to tell me about it! Even if it might be a rather popular title – i could have missed it!
So please, comments about great innovative games are always, always appreciated.

Let’s start this!


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