Interesting game (design) blogs

Just some blogs I lately red and would recommend to others, this serves partly as a reminder to myself :)

This one is hugely recommended: from “The Astronauts” game studio, led by Adrian Chmielarz.
It is incidental that the kosmonaut advertises the astronauts.

Simonschreibt is really genius, while not exactly talking about game design. Simon analyzes amazingly creative ways developers have solved problems in their rendering design. Great read.

Very very interesting game design blog by NORTHWAY GAMES (Indie). Hugely recommended with a lot of content.

Blog from the upcoming game lichdom. I feel like the devs are actively pushed to write about their thought process and it’s sometimes really interesting, though always not really applicable to smaller games.

A great RPG blog maintained by the guys of Warhorse studios, a Czech developer. Articles by Designer Daniel Vavra are very in-depth about problems and challenges in role playing games.

Abbey Games, an indie developer and creator of “Reus” has a great blog basically following the game and it’s design from start to finish.

Last but not least there is always and a very short but funny one:

These are the ones I could think of right now, if you have more recommendations – how about a comment? Smiley


2 thoughts on “Interesting game (design) blogs

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! Makes me really happy that some people like it :,) I thought i was alone with my interest and excitement for these “details” in the games :)

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