Madness? THis is …



*represented by a hoplite puppet which I use for an animation test.

Check it out here:


So yeah nothing about Scavenger’s Fate today :)



This is not an actual game or anything, and it won’t be. But I was very much inspired by Wolfire’s David Rosen to try to make animations based on 2 or 3 frames and blend between them.
(You can choose premade frames from the right when you click “load”). You can save new states and fade between those.

Check out this awesome talk:

So of course this is far from it, but I just felt like doing this and it is a first step to do these sort of animations (which I guess is a thing since the first flash games ever).
This technique will probably not be used in Scavenger’s Fate, but I think it interesting.



Ok may be some of you thought – what? This is not what King Leonidas does!

what (what is dis?)

Here is an attempt at kicking: (note this one uses cubic interpolation, the others use spring)



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