Implementation of PBR and SOME DEPTH OF FIELD

Hi guys,

really quick update, I haven’t posted in a while. In my game I have further improved my rendering model so that it complies with Substance Painter, which by the way is an awesome program.

Here you can see the texturing of my main truck with PBR materials, done in substance painter. I hope you like it.
For the environment maps I actually implemented some roughness calculation tools, I might write about that later.


I also implemented some Depth of Field effect to better showcase my assets in screenshots/trailers/cutscenes

I have been playing a lot of Warhammer 40K games lately so I was looking to import a WH40k model into my engine and create some PBR materials for it.

I found this one and did some texturing work on it to make it look like it walked in the desert for decades :)

impwalker big2

Besides I implemented some sort of particle editor and made a custom GUI for it. Will come in handy sooner or later :)



My friend and me also made a quick game in one evening basically. The idea was to be an overpowered cyberninja slashing through evil robots. Fun. Done in Monogame from scratch.



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