Shaders, Fun & Monogame

I haven’t really written in a while on this blog, but I think it’s a good time to compile some of the stuff i have been working on since the latest blog posts and I’ve decided to release a lot of smaller articles. A lot of the stuff is available for download or I’ve written […]

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Fun Shaders – Part 2

Here is a short overview of some casual shaders I’ve created in the last week or so.   Radial Blur A fairly simple, yet impressive effect. Not very complicated, we basically just scale the image from the blur center several times and then average out. This can look much better if we repeat the effect […]

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Ocean Scene

Before working on the model viewer I actually wanted to create a “water slice”. I found the idea pretty interesting both as a visual concept as well as an interesting challenge. Water in general is always an interesting rendering problem and I have not dealt with that one before. What is it? A FFT transformed […]

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Monogame Model & Animation Viewer

A short video as an overview: You can find the source code on github: A direct download of the binaries here: And a discussion link here: What does it do? You can import a variety of .obj and .fbx files and see if they were exported correctly basically. You can try out […]

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