Terrain Rendering In Games – Basics

A lot of early 3d games simply used large geometry meshes to display their terrain, they worked more or less like any other static object in the game. But most applications that feature extensive outdoor scenery, like for example realtime strategy or open world games, rely on heightmaps to generate and simulate their terrain.
In this article I will cover the basics of how this setup works.

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Signed Distance Field Rendering Journey pt.1

In this article I will explore ways to make Signed Distance Fields work in my engine. We can use SDFs for efficient and beautiful 3d renderings not possible otherwise. Signed Distance Fields are basically volume textures that are assigned to a mesh or height map etc.. The idea is to sample a number of locations around a mesh and calculate the shortest distance to any mesh point for each of these samples and finally store all of that in a volume texture […]

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Color Grading / Correction

Color Grading is a post processing effect that changes colors based on the transformation value in a look-up table (LUT) for this specific color (or another storage medium). This enables very wide range of processing for specific values, and can be used to shift colors, change contrast, saturation, brightness and much much more.

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